A cost effective 35.5GHz Doppler radar capable to accurately measure the velocity of moving objects with unprecedented resolution.01


General Description

The BR-3502 Doppler radar antenna utilizes the Doppler principle to measure the velocity of moving objects. It is a low cost radar that can be used in a variety of application such as projectile muzzle velocity, in-bore measurement, very short range velocity measurement, etc. It is a great alternative to optical chronographs.

The BR-3502 is compact as well as easy to deploy and use. It works at 35.5GHz and provides more than 3 times better resolution than a 10.5GHz (X-Band) radar, and can therefore be used on very small projectile calibers (ex: 1mm). The BR-3502 is particularly well suited for interior ballistic ranges where very short range measurements (down to few meters) are performed. It can also be used outside for short range measurement up to 250 meters (and more), depending on projectile caliber.

When used in conjunction with Infinition’s junction box and TestCenter Doppler processing software, it provides a powerful tool for ballistic analysis.

In-bore Measurement

Projectile velocity can be measured inside the gun barrel by using the BR-3502 in combination with a reflector, which is typically a metal plate made out of standard 1/8 inch thick aluminum sheet. Special accessories can be provided to properly align the radar beam and the reflector to achieve optimum results. Typically, in-bore measurement can be performed for 20mm caliber and above.



The BR-3502 has been designed for short range applications. The following table summarizes the expected range performance for different projectile calibers. Actual performance can vary slightly based on projectile shape and material as well as test conditions.

CaliberRange Performance
4.7mm 45m
20mm 190m
25mm 240m
155mm > 250m



The BR-3502 specifications are shown below.

Antenna gain 20dBi
Antenna Type Lens Horn
Beamwidth 12 x 12 deg
Polarization Circular
Transmitter Output Power > 0.1W
Transmitter Source Gunn, CW
Modulation None
Frequency 35.5Ghz (nominal)
Stability +/- 0.1%
Receiver Noise Figure < 8dB (all losses combined)
Radial Velocity Coverage 30 - 5000 m/s
Operating Temperature -20 to 50 degC

115VAC 60Hz 0.3A (North America Model)

230VAC 50Hz 0.15A (European Model)

Dimension (antenna head) (L) 11.1cm x (OD) 8.5cm
Dimension (power supply) 20cm x 15cm x 6cm
Weight 1kg
Approvals FCC, CE


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